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Please fix: Layout > Pins > Dynamic Width#133 


I’m attempting to create a padded button master symbol that has a minimum width set so that overridden short button labels; for example, “Exit”, do not cause instances of the button to become too short as per our style guide guidelines.

I have no issues creating a regular padded button using Anima so that instances behave nicely. The problems begin when I check the dynamic width checkbox under Layout > Pins > Dynamic Width; even before entering a value in the min input field. Thereafter, instances of the button no longer behave as expected and I am forced to uncheck the Dynamic Width checkbox. It should be noted that I am creating the padded button as demonstrated in your tutorials.

I have tested this by placing an instance of the button beside the master and tried to get dynamic width working but it seems that your implementation of dynamic width is somewhat buggy. Resolving this issue is important because I am in the process of setting up my master symbol library ready for high-fidelity prototyping with Anima and this is a real blocker that is driving me crazy.

At one stage, I thought that I had to specify the minimum width on the instance of the button rather than the master, but this was not the case.

Could somebody explain to me how I can set a dynamic minimum width on a padded button without breaking the behavior of the button when overridden button labels cause the button width to be larger than the minimum width?

3 months ago